Barker Martial Arts

The story behind Barker Martial Arts – our branding explained…

Our new name: Barker Martial Arts (although actually established as a limited company in 2011)

We chose to use our name to express family heritage and reflect the special family feel we have created. Since announcing our resignation from our previous martial arts association, we have been humbled by the number of times our members make reference to the relationship they have established with our family. We have worked hard to create a welcoming environment and believe that practicing martial arts together across generations is unique.

This approach means our members become our extended martial arts family, lifelong friends and some even Godparents to our children.

This name is a tribute to our family’s dedication to the martial arts and the values it has instilled in us over the years. We hope the family name can continue this legacy through future generations.

Our logo


You can see the colours of the South Korean flag depicted in the red and blue yin/eum and yang icon in the centre.

The flag’s white field colour is present in BMA and the black of the four black element symbols is visible on the black belt image.

Our connection to South Korea is significant, as it is not only the birthplace of many martial arts but also a place where traditional values are deeply ingrained. We want to pay homage to this culture and incorporate its principles into our practice.

We also use the white and black to reflect the martial arts journey from white to black belt.

Additionally, the black and red colours personify our members training in their black uniforms on the familiar red mats of the dojahng.

The use of gold connects positivity and optimism with martial arts deriving from the ancient Korean Royal Court.


A circle represents evolution as a process with no definite end.

We use it in our logo to show that martial arts training can continue for a lifetime. In this sense, the circle represents eternity and is symbolic of vitality, wholeness, and perfection.

The Maze

Aside from its obvious word association, you may wonder why a maze is incorporated into our strap line and logo.

The maze represents the complex journey of martial arts. Just like navigating a maze, the path to mastery can be challenging and unpredictable. However, with dedication, perseverance, and the right guidance, you can find your way through and achieve amazing results.

We believe everyone is on their own personal martial arts journey, and in that regard, can choose their own route through the maze.

Our strap line


The reference to ‘be amazed’ reflects our belief that the journey of martial arts is truly extraordinary. It’s a journey that transforms individuals physically and mentally, enabling them to achieve remarkable feats both inside and outside of the dojahng.

We want our members to:

‘BMAzed’ at what they can achieve.

‘BMAzed’ at how martial arts can enrich lives.

‘BMAzed’ and inspired by fellow members.

‘BMAzed’ at the service and experience that our martial arts club offers.