Leadership Programme

Little Leaders

At Claygate Martial Arts Centre we are proud to offer the first stage of instructor training through the national Junior
Leadership Academy programme. Our new Little Leader course provides a structured training programme,
designed specifically for 7-11 year olds. Upon successful completion of the programme, JLA Little Leaders will
graduate to become part of our Junior Leadership Academy team. There is also the potential to progress onto
further instructor training if suitable.

The JLA Little Leader course is a 6 month programme during which leaders work alongside our Instructors, attend
monthly training sessions and complete a workbook. During the first 6 months, leaders will develop skills in
leadership, confidence, communication and specific martial arts teaching skills. At the end of the course,
providing they have reached the required standard, leaders will graduate to become a JLA Little Leader and be
able to earn tokens in return for their support in classes. Tokens can be exchanged for merchandise at the CMAC
shop. Graduates will be awarded with a Little Leader T-Shirt to wear when helping out in classes and will also
receive a course certificate.

Our junior support team is a highly valued and important part of our structure. JLA members will provide support
to our Instructors in classes and become role models for other students. We expect our Little Leader trainees
and graduates to demonstrate a continued commitment to our club, have high standards of attitude and
etiquette, and wear their graduation T-Shirt with pride.