Community Demos

All members are always welcome to take part the demonstrations that we put on in the local community. We will practice in class and also meet 20 minutes beforehand to run through the running order on the day. You’ll be able join in certain sections and also watch our Cobras Demo Team and Black Belts in action too.

If you would like us to demonstrate at your school or village fair in 2024 please get in touch

2024 Schedule

Sat 18th May – 12:30pm & 2:00pm: Esher May Fair Demo

Sat 8th June – 2:10pm: St Christopher’s School, Epsom, Summer Fair (6 Downs Rd, Epsom KT18 5HE)

Sat 15th June – 3:15pm: Rowan School Summer Fair

Sat 22nd June – 1:15pm: Esher Church School Summer Fair

Sun 23rd June – 3pm: Shrewsbury House Pre Prep Summer Fair

Sun 7th July – 1:20pm: Thames Ditton Infant School Summer Fair

Sat 13th July – 3:40pm & 4:10pm: Claygate Flower Show Demo