Private Classes

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Unlock Your Full Potential with Private Classes

Did you know that we offer Private Classes for all ages and belts at Claygate Martial Arts Centre?

There are so many benefits of supplementing your regular classes with personalised private sessions, tailored to your individual goals and needs.

Semi-private classes with two members can be booked with a small supplement.

Private Testings are also possible if members are unable to make the quarterly Club Testings.

Personalised Attention

In a private class, the focus is entirely on you.

Your instructor can devote undivided attention to refining your technique, addressing specific weaknesses, and maximising your strengths.

With personalised feedback and guidance, you’ll progress faster than ever before.

Accelerated Progress

Private classes provide an accelerated path to mastery.

By honing in on your unique challenges and aspirations, you’ll experience rapid improvement in your skills, confidence, and overall performance.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, private sessions offer a fast track to reaching your goals.

Customised Curriculum

Private martial arts classes allow for a customised curriculum designed to match your learning style, preferences, and objectives.

Whether you’re interested in mastering a specific technique, preparing for competition, or enhancing your self-defense skills, your instructor will tailor each session to meet your individual needs.

Flexibility and Convenience

With private classes, you have the flexibility to schedule sessions at your convenience.

Whether you prefer early morning sessions before work or late evenings after school, you can arrange a training schedule that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Enjoy the convenience of personalised instruction without the constraints of a fixed class schedule.

Enhanced Focus and Concentration

In a private setting, distractions are minimised, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the learning process.

With heightened focus and concentration, you’ll absorb new techniques more effectively and refine your skills with precision.

Private classes provide the ideal environment for deepening your understanding and mastery of martial arts.

Increased Confidence

As you witness your skills flourish under the guidance of a dedicated instructor, your confidence will soar to new heights.

Private classes offer a supportive environment where you can push your limits, overcome challenges, and achieve breakthroughs.

With each milestone you reach, your confidence in both martial arts and yourself will grow exponentially.

Personalised Goal Setting

Your martial arts journey is unique to you, and private classes empower you to set and achieve personalised goals.

Whether you’re striving to earn your Black Belt, compete in tournaments, or simply improve your fitness and self-defense abilities, your instructor will work closely with you to map out a strategic plan for success.

Take the next step in your martial arts journey and schedule your private class today!

Scroll down for booking details

To book a private class, please follow the easy steps below:

1.Click HERE to make payment.


2. Select the price based on the Dahn Level of your preferred Instructor.

If you’re unsure, please email JJN Angela on and she will advise you


3. Once payment has been made, JJN Angela will put you in contact with the Instructor so that you can arrange a time convenient for you both.

A parent/guardian must be present if the private class is outside of the regular class schedule.

Instructors, please don’t forget to put it in the calendar in advance!


4. Have an AWESOME class!