Club Testings

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We encourage all students to test every quarter, as testings are all about giving it a go rather than achieving the next belt.

All students are ready to test if they are ready to do their best (irrespective of what they remember or how long they’ve been training)!

Junior Testing

The next club testings will take place over the weekend of 28th to 30th June at CMAC.

Please note that as a result there will be no classes 4-9pm on Friday 28th June or 9am-12pm on Saturday 29th June.

To apply to test, please click on the relevant link below.


Black Belts/DBNs: please also click on the testing links to let us know which testings you are able to support in, by the early bird discount deadline. Each testing has a judging ticket for this.


£25 per testing – White Belts to Brown Belts

£27.50 per testing – Black Belts and Black Belt Candidates

Testing fees are reduced to £15 and £17.50 respectively when booked before the early bird discount deadline.

There is a “No Testing Fee Due” Ticket for members on the ‘previously paid list’ (that has been emailed out), for bookings made before the early bird discount deadline. This list contains all the names of members who paid for the full belt on the old tiered belt pricing system. Please email us on if you are unsure.

Participants take part for the whole time slot.

Private Testings are possible if members are unable to make the quarterly Club Testings. Please follow the booking process as detailed HERE.

Friday 28th June:

Testing 1: Junior (12 and under) Black Belt Candidate DBN (Brown Belt with Double Black Stripe) – 17:00-18:55 

Testing 2: Adult/Youth (13+) Current White/Yellow/Blue/Red/Brown Belt – 19:00-21:00

Saturday 29th June:

Testing 3: Junior (12 and under) Current Yellow/Blue/Red/Brown Belt – 09:00-10:55

Testing 4: Junior (12 and under) Current White & Yellow Stripe Belt – 11:00-12:55

Testing 5: Adult/Youth (13+) Black Belt Candidate DBN (Brown Belt with Double Black Stripe) – 14:00-17:00

Testing 6: Black Belt (ALL AGES) – 18:00-21:00

Sunday 30th June:

Testing 7: Junior (12 and under) Current White & Yellow Stripe Belt – 09:00-10:55

Testing 8: Junior (12 and under) Curent Yellow/Blue/Red/Brown Belt – 11:00-12:55