Junior Classes

The Super Six

All of our junior classes are age and ability (belt) specific. Each class is named after one of our Super Six characters: Tiny Tigers, Tigers, Cranes, Mini Mantis, Mantis & Dragons. Every Junior class includes syllabus material, but the detail is differentiated to suit the needs of the class. For example, Tiny Tigers classes focus on listening and concentration skills through the medium of martial arts. Dragons classes provide physical & mental challenges for the advanced students.


All Junior classes follow our 10-Week Learning Programme. This programme ensures that every student has covered the syllabus material for their next belt level at least twice between testings. Of course students training more than once a week have more opportunity for cementing their learning. Instructors also use this programme to incorporate additional physical martial arts skills in to every class.

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Super Six Guide to Etiquette

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All junior members are issued with a Stars Scheme Booklet

They must tick their booklet every time they receive a SKILLS PATCH or a CHARACTER QUALITY PATCH.

Patches are to sewn on T-Shirts,  (not Uniforms).

One week of every month is called ‘Patch Week’.

During Patch Week junior members learn how to perform a specific martial arts skill.

They are awarded the SKILLS PATCH at the end of the class if they have achieved success. There are 36 to collect!

Each month students are also encouraged to show the ‘Word of the Month’, which are different character qualities (see below).

Unlike skills patches, these badges are awarded to one student from each class who has best demonstrated the character quality; this could be in the class, at home or at school.

Junior members must tick the back page of their booklet every time they receive a patch to earn their stars.

Each coloured section represents the number of patches a junior has earnt. eg. When they have received five patches they can ask at reception for their White Star.