Master Classes

We have specialist Master Classes to supplement regular class training for DBNs & Black Belts on Sundays at 4pm.

Our Master Classes are not for learning new syllabus, but to develop a greater understanding of and to learn more detail about previous syllabus.

Master Classes are available to DBNs/Black Belts as one of their weekly classes.

16th July Joong Geup Sohn Mohk Soo
23rd July Ahp Eue Bohk Soo
3rd Sept Dee Eue Bohk Soo
10th Sept Kwahn Juhl Ki & Too Ki
17th Sept Mohk Joh Leu Ki & Bahng Too Ki
24th Sept Yahng Sohn Mohk Soo
1st Oct Ssahng Soo
8th Oct Dahn Doh Mahk Ki
15th Oct Ki Bohn Bohn
22nd Oct Gahk Doh Bup & Juhn Hwahn Bup
29th Oct Goh Geup Sohn Mohk Soo
5th Nov Goh Geup Eue Bohk Soo
12th Nov Jah Ki
19th Nov Wah Ki
26th Nov Ee In Jeh Ahp Sool & Keun Dae Ryuhn
3rd Dec Johk Bahng Uh Sool
10th Dec Jahp Ki

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