Correct Etiquette

Etiquette is about how you should behave. Always follow the below guidelines to demonstrate good etiquette.

Immediately before and after class, you should:
 Arrive in good time and get ready quietly.
 Remove all jewellery.
 Put your shoes and drinks tidily into the cubby holes.
 Place your rubbish in the bins.
 Keep the reception area clean and tidy.
 Ask permission to join class if you are late.

During class you should:
 Bow to the flags when you enter and leave the practice area.
 Look smart and tidy; be proud of and respect your uniform and belt.
 Turn and kneel to tidy your uniform and belt.
 Say “Yes Sir” or “Yes Ma’am” to respect others.
 Concentrate and listen in attention position or sit correctly.
 Make friends with new members.
 Train positively and never give up.
 Only practice what you have been taught by the instructor.
 Never ask to be taught; you will learn new material when you are ready.
 Never teach others unless asked to by your instructors.
 Say “Kam Sa Ham Ni Da” (Thank You) to your instructors.

At school and home you should:
 Practice sensibly at home but never at school.
 Demonstrate what you have learnt to your parents, but don’t teach them.
 Bring your friends to class so you can practice with them.

For Parents
Reception area:
 Please feel free to watch classes, but do so quietly so as to not disrupt learning.
 Please keep siblings quiet.

In regards to training:
 Set your child the goal to improve, not to achieve the next belt.
 Be completely honest with your child regarding their ability and keep it positive.
 Be careful not to compare your child with other children.
 Be helpful but please don’t coach your child.
 Teach your children to enjoy the thrill of competition – not winning or losing.

Etiquette in Korean is “Yea Eue” pronounced “yeh ooh”

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